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Open Education Week 2017

March 27-31 Open Education Week@openeducationwk #openeducationwk

Sustainable, responsible, conscious, eco travel ought to be at the center of a worldwide revolution. But to be effective, we need to learn how to make the most of the movement toward open education and open access.

Open Education Week – https://www.openeducationweek.org – takes place this week, March 27-31, and this is the ideal time for Planeta.com to conduct a simple inventory focusing on conservation and travel. And while inventories are helpful, but slow to compile, let’s make this a game.


In 2017 we are gamifying Open Education Week. Here are the rules

  1. Play by answering our questions, by commenting, responding to a tweet, adding a heart to a periscope or posting your questions. Hashtag: #openeducationwk
  2. Bonus points for specific examples of open education in action. OER is a fine philosophy, but what’s it like in practice?
  3. Bonus points for applying OER to grade schools. What resources are available to teachers? What is the role of the student in 2017? Again, how does OER apply?
  4. Double bonus points for responses before April 1.


1. Are there examples of open education resources in conservation, parks and protected areas?

  • Magazines, journals?
  • Open access?

2. Are there examples of open education resources in travel and tourism?

  • Magazines, journals
  • Open access?

3. What are your fave Open Educational Resources (Recursos Educativos Abiertos)?

4. What are the commonalities and differences shared by what’s open – open data, open education, open journalism.

5. Do colleagues understand licensing and Creative Commons?


You can contribute to the week by sharing information about specific Open Education projects, hosting a local event, promoting the week to your friends or by joining programs underway. There are plenty of events taking place.

Keep an eye on my Periscope channel for video contributions and games.

open access
creative commons


Presentation: Set the Default to Open

Artwork / Cue Yourself

Silos of the LAMS (Libraries, Archives and Museums)

How do we collaborate? = ¿Como podemos collaborar? #Roofdog #oaweek #OpenAccess

Twitter Moment



Open Educational Resources

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