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Mexico City Hosts World Bike Forum

Mexico City hosts the sixth World Bike Forum, April 19-23. Hashtag: #fmb6; Twitter: @WorldBikeForum; Website: fmb6.net

The World Bike Forum is designed, organized and produced – unique and collectively – by allied citizens involved in sustainable mobility in each host city. The WBF gathers the work made by individuals, collectives, NGOs, academia, media, enterprises and governmental entities aiming to achieve a positive change at all levels: individual, local, regional, national and world wide in favor of a more secure, equitable and efficient mobility in the cities.

The sixth edition has been named “Handmade Cities”. Handmande cities are better planned; they are built with the care and love of their inhabitants. Designed to celebrate and preserve life, handmade cities give priority to the users of the public space, providing them with accessibility, security, and egalitarian sustainable mobility. The World Bike Forum will be the perfect space to gather the Mexican, Latin-American, and worldwide communities, in order to bring together, recover, create and enjoy cities with vibrant bicycle celebrations.

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