The IUCN Red List is a comprehensive information source on the status of wild species and their links to livelihoods. The overall aim of the Red List is to convey the urgency and scale of conservation problems to the public and policy makers, and to motivate the global community to work together to reduce species extinctions. The …


Irma Hashtag: #HurricaneIrma This satellite view of Hurricane #Irma shows the storm moving through Florida in the last 24hrs. Watch & learn more: — NASA (@NASA) September 12, 2017 Photos Crisis Florida Cuba

Land Art

Land art is an movement in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked.   Wiki Seven Magic Mountains, aka #7magicmountains Crawick Multiverse

Tracking local government leadership on climate change

New publication: Local Leadership: Tracking local government progress on climate change by Petra Stock, Martin Rice, Lesley Hughes, Will Steffen, Alix Pearce, Karen Hussey and Tim Flannery This report introduces Australia’s Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership program which highlights the leaders of councils and communities that are switching to renewable energy and building greener, more efficient …

Natural World 06.2017

Photo: Gold Butte National Monument Snapshots from the natural world, June 2017 World Environment Day Zion National Park #30DaysWild Twitter Moment Natural World 06.2017 Slideshare World Environment Day #wed2017 from ron mader


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