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Photo: Gold Butte National Monument Snapshots from the natural world, June 2017 World Environment Day Zion National Park #30DaysWild Twitter Moment Natural World 06.2017 Slideshare World Environment Day #wed2017 from ron mader


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What are your favorite places to take photos of authentic and beloved Vegas locales?

Photo: Ron Mader, Flickr What would locals like visitors to know about Las Vegas? We’re making a new game called the Las Vegas Treasure Hunt and need your help in creating a checklist: what are your favorite places to take photos of authentic and beloved Vegas locales? Questions What are your favorite places to take …

SOS Acción Ecológica

#SOSAccionEcologica is the hashtag critical of the Ecuadorian government closure of environmental group Accion Ecologica (@AcEcologica). The military oppression of the Shuar continues and is linked to Ecuador’s new dependence on China. This is a developing story. More about Ecuador’s nature and biodiversity on the Planeta Wiki. Twitter Moment Acción Ecólogica SOS

Greater Alpine National Parks

Parks Victoria (@ParksVictoria) has released the Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan which will guide the future management of Alpine, Baw Baw, Errinundra, Mount Buffalo and Snowy River national parks, Avon Wilderness Park, Tara Range Park, and Walhalla, Howqua Hills, Grant, Mount Wills and Mount Murphy Historic Areas. The intent of the plan is to protect and enhance …

Cancún Declaration (Text)

CANCUN DECLARATION ON MAINSTREAMING THE CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF BIODIVERSITY FOR WELL-BEING Source: CBD Wiki: We, the ministers and other heads of delegation, having met on the occasion of the United Nations Biodiversity Conference, Cancun, Mexico, 2016 1, on 2 and 3 December, DECLARE THAT: 1. It is essential to live in harmony …