Buzzwords Oumuamua, a messenger from afar arriving first YouTube Elsewhere on the Web https://www.nasa.gov/feature/solar-system-s-first-interstellar-visitor-dazzles-scientists https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/11/interstellar-space-rock/546371 https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/11/interstellar-space-rock/546371 Breakthrough https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/alien-probe-or-galactic-driftwood-seti-tunes-in-to-oumuamua http://breakthroughinitiatives.org/news/14 Stephen Hawking’s search for extraterrestrial life came up short   Wiki Hawaiian Planeta.com Astronomy


Buzzwords Community-Driven = Process by which communities direct, guide and benefit from initiatives Elsewhere on the Web some-communities-are-destroyed-by-tragedy-and-disaster-others-spring-back-heres-what-makes-the-difference? Development Community-driven development (CDD) is a development initiative that provides control of the development process, resources and decision making authority directly to groups in the community.- Wikipedia Community-Driven Development (CDD) programs operate on the principles of transparency, …


Photo: Ron Mader, Improvised Bollards on Fremont Bollard = Sturdy, short, vertical post. Although it originally described a post on a ship or quay used principally for mooring boats, the word is now used, primarily in British English, to describe posts installed to control road traffic and posts designed to prevent ram raiding and car …


Buzzwords Mainstreaming = To bring something into the prevailing current of thought, influence or activity Mainstreaming requires livestreaming of events and conferences. Embedded Tweets .@CBDNews #SBSTTA21 Plenary: discussing impact of investment in these sectors, which is felt directly at #city level. Transformative, innovative changes are needed to ensure #mainstreaming of #biodiversity into these sectors pic.twitter.com/zJugF6mz8f — …

Acoustic Ecology

Acoustic ecology = Discipline studying the relationship, mediated through sound, between human beings and their environment. At #Bioscapes17 @LeahBarclay says #AcousticEcology is an umbrella, interdisciplinary term for #EcologicalSoundArt, #Bioacoustics, #Ecoacoustics, #DeepListening, #Acoustemology, #Psychoacoustics, #SoundscapeEcology, #SoundWalking, #Acoustic #RemoteSensing, #Acoustic #citsci Planeta.com   Listen   Perspectives on Listening #Bioscapes17


Buzzwords Soundscape = Combination of sounds that arises from an immersive environment. The study of soundscape is the subject of acoustic ecology. Wiki Soundscape Planeta.com World Listening Day Perspectives on Listening #Bioscapes17

Global Warming

Global Warming   Embedded Tweets Just flying over N Atlantic 300 miles of ice. Global warming! pic.twitter.com/loXwe7lwtK — Rupert Murdoch (@rupertmurdoch) February 27, 2015   Your freaking house in Cali is burning down, dude. Global warming! https://t.co/2gtqpgXeny — Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce) December 6, 2017   Planeta.com Changing Climate

Conscious Business

Buzzwords Conscious business = Enterprise that seeks to be aware of the effects of its actions, and to consciously affect human beings and the environment in a beneficial way. Also see: happiness, conscious travel Wiki Conscious Business Planeta.com Conscious Conscious Travel