Just Add Water Street #JAWSNV

Henderson, Nevada – This is clever — a community event on the last Friday of the month (a week before First Friday in downtown Las Vegas) — tiled JAWS, short for Just Add Water Street, aka the locale in downtown Henderson. Hashtag:¬†#JAWSNV The next event is Friday, October 27. The festival runs from 7pm-10pm with …


Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario, Wiki http://planeta.wikispaces.com/toronto Planeta.com http://planeta.wikispaces.com/canada http://planeta.wikispaces.com/ontario


Photo: Neerav Bhatt, Surry hills sydney streetart by mulgatheartist Capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the largest of the eight state capitals and has a population of 4.3 million. Founded in 1788, Sydney is the oldest European settlement in Australia. NATURAL WORLD Sydney is located on Port Jackson, commonly known as Sydney Harbour. The …

New York City

Photo: New York City Department of Transportation, Wayfinding Launch New York is the most populous city in the United States. Some history. The word “Manhattan” has been translated as “island of many hills” from the Lenape language City Parks http://peoplemakeparks.org Photos Wiki newyorkcity Planeta.com New York


Photo: UNFCC Bonn is located in the Rhine Valley in Germany. 18 UN institutions are located in Bonn, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Questions What would locals like visitors to know about Bonn? Wiki Bonn Planeta.com Germany Europe Climate #COP23 United Nations


Guelph is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Known as “The Royal City”, Guelph is roughly 28 kilometers (17 miles) east of Kitchener and 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of Toronto.   Embedded Tweets #Guelph. A place to live, raise a family & start a business | @TheTorontoSun | Great reference to the #Ward IMICO …


Photo: Ken Lund, Old Harris County Courthouse Houston is the most populous city in Texas, and the fourth most populous city in the United States. History Houston was founded in 1836 on land near the banks of Buffalo Bayou (now known as Allen’s Landing) and incorporated as a city on June 5, 1837. The city …