Indigenous Peoples Week Questions

Poster: #IPW7’s seventh annual celebration of social web storytelling about Indigenous peoples and tourism around the world — Indigenous Peoples Week takes place August 7-13 (Monday-Sunday). Some of the questions we are asking: What is the status of Indigenous tourism in 2017? Spanish: ¿Cuál es la situación del turismo indígena en 2017? Portuguese: Qual é o status do turismo indígena em 2017? German: Was ist …

Native Innovation Conference #nii2017

nPhoto: Native Innovation 2015 June 22-23 Native Innovation hosts its 5th annual technology event for educators at the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort outside of the Flagstaff, Arizona. Join us as we use the social web to connect teachers around the world and make the technology – devices, apps and platforms – make sense. Key Links …


Learn to learn! Experiential learning allows us to build capacities beyond our imagination. Wiki Slideshare Learning Notebook (Cuaderno de Aprendizaje) from ron mader


Curiosity = The desire to learn about anything; inquisitiveness Also see: engagement Translating: Curiosity Estonian: Uudishimu German: Neugierig Spanish: Curiosidad Swedish: Nyfikenhet Wiki Slideshare Levels of Engagement from ron mader

Open: Philosophy and Practices Revolutionizing Education and Science

Recommended Reading for Open Education Week 2017: Open: Philosophy and Practices Revolutionizing Education and Science (Ubiquity Press, 2017) Twitter Shoutout: @thatpsychprof  @biswasdiener @ubiquitypress @cgreen Excerpts Governments and other funding entities that wish to maximize the impacts of their education investments are moving toward open education licensing policies. National, provincial/state governments, and education systems all play a critical role in setting …

Open Education Week 2017

March 27-31 Open Education Week – @openeducationwk #openeducationwk Sustainable, responsible, conscious, eco travel ought to be at the center of a worldwide revolution. But to be effective, we need to learn how to make the most of the movement toward open education and open access. Open Education Week – – takes place this week, March 27-31, …

Upgrade Your World

Photo: Neerav Bhatt, Surry hills sydney streetart by mulgatheartist Upgrade your world by making the most of old-school allies and the expanding universe of the social web This presentation shows how the messages of environmental conservation and responsible / conscious / local travel is told using hi-tech and lo-fi communication. Engage! Comments are welcome and …


Practice 1. repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it. 2. the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use. Wiki Practice


Spotlight on earth’s two poles – Antarctica and the Arctic. Wiki Arctic