Flickr Lessons

We are big fans of Flickr, the user-generated photography website which launched in February 2004. This pioneering social web site rewards interaction and offers access to Creative Commons-licensed images. There are some gripes, but on the whole, Flickr is our old-school social web darling. FLICKR Q&A WHAT IS FLICKR? – Flickr is a website that …


The term ‘wiki‘ is derived from a Polynesian word meaning ‘quick.’ This is an apt descriptor since changes can be made immediately by editors. Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki! Collaboration Leads to Happiness from ron mader


It would be presumptuous to call for the end of email, but it would be wise to suggest we could use email more wisely. When it comes to email, we need to acknowledge its usefulness as a tool for communication. Email is a useful information delivery system. That said, I’m not a fan. The question …

Mexico’s National Parks on Streetview

Explore Mexico’s national parks via #StreetView Twitter Shoutout:@CONANP_mx @googlemexico @SEMARNAT_mx @Conabio More about Mexico’s biodiversity, parks and wildlife online the Planeta Wiki Embedded Tweets La #CONANP y @googlemexico lanzaron la Colección de Google #StreetView de #ANP de #México: #RecuentoCONANP2016 — CONANP (@CONANP_mx) January 1, 2017 #MexicoNow from ron mader