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Tbilisi, Georgia Hosts European Ecotourism Conference #EuroEco18

Photo: Beniamin Netan

The 5th European Ecotourism Conference takes place in Tbilisi, Georgia September 10-14, 2018.  Hashtag: #EuroEco18

The main objective of this conference is to provide a platform for stakeholders; researchers, academicians, practitioners, as well as professionals throughout the continent and beyond to present their research results and development activities on ecotourism.

Key Links:
Facebook: European Ecotourism Conference

Planeta.com Participation
Planeta.com would like to be an official media partner of the event. We are keen on learning and sharing what is on the European Ecotourism roadmap.

We will be updating the Upgrade Your World presentation made at the first European Ecotourism Conference as a series of live video workshops before, during and after the conference via Periscope and FacebookLive.


  • To the organizers and participants – Will the conference have live and recorded video?
  • Is there a directory of participants? Bonus points for a directory with bios and social web links
  • How can remote participants and superfans of tourism and Europe amplify and interact with the conference?
  • As a media partner, how can Planeta.com assist?
  • (For Locals)  – What would locals like visitors to know about their corner of Europe? Paint a picture of the kind of tourism you’d like to see.
  • Are any of the related publications and online resources focusing on European Ecotourism open access? Bonus points for OER.
  • What is the difference between ecotourism and sustainable tourism?
  • What would locals like visitors to know about Georgia?

Pärnu, Estonia • September 26-30, 2010
Brasov, Romania • October 23-25, 2013
Jachranka , Poland • April 26-29, 2015
Safranbolu, Turkey • April 17-19, 2017
Tbilisi, Georgia • September 10-14, 2018

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