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How to make the most of live and archived video

Drafting a new presentation explaining just how to make the most of live and archived video. A special shoutout to organizers and participants at upcoming events – let us know how to watch and encourage official and individual videos.

Live video is a must-have for mainstreaming topical and timely issues, including biodiversity conservation (more about this later) and regional and topical tourism. It used to be ‘pictures or it didn’t happen.’ Now it’s “Livestreaming video or it’s not happening.”

Those not in the room — remote participants — need to see as much as possible of what’s going on and contribute to the dialogue. Livestreaming combined with video archives is useful to participants who were in the room and now have the option of later viewing and sharing with friends and colleagues. Journalists and bloggers can easily embed the highlights for summaries. Event organizers need to ask: why not offer livestreaming video?

When it comes to formal tourism events and seminars, imagine the impact if the organizers embraced livestreaming video and encouraged their participants to share. If the discussion is important enough, then invite remote participants to join the conversation. Closed room discussions simply are no longer responsible. (Comment)

Our current choice of a benchmark event is New Zealand’s NetHui which since 2010 has made the most of face-to-face networking and online interaction. In 2015 NetHui improved on its own record by providing real-time captions and in 2016 NetHui took its show on the road, visiting three cities in one week and continuing to stream the video from each location.


Who do you watch on Periscope, FacebookLive and YouTube? Are you following or subscribed to their channels? = ¿A quién ves en Periscope, FacebookLive y YouTube? ¿Estás siguiendo o suscrito a sus canales?

On #Periscope, are you someone one’s superfan? Do you have your own superfans? = En #Periscope, ¿eres un superfan de alguien? ¿Tienes tus propios superfans?

What photos and videos would you like to see from #COP13? = ¿Qué fotos y videos te gustaría ver de #COP13?

Would you watch a live video event (tour, Q&A, presentation) during Responsible Travel Week? What would you like to see? = ¿Podrías ver un evento de video en vivo (tour, Q & A, presentación) durante la Semana de Viajes Responsables? ¿Que te gustaría ver?

Responses and other comments are welcome.

Stray Notes

This presentation is available for download and embedding (sharing) on other websites. It has a Creative Commons attribution-sharealike license.

“Livestreaming video or it’s not happening” has usurped “Pictures or it didn't happen.”


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