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Nevada (pronounced [ne- vae-da], with a short “a” as in apple)

Nevada is a state of bold contrasts: rural landscapes and big cities, extravagant gaming and a movement toward farmers’ markets, local culture, renewable energy and a green building ethos.¬†For those passionate for parks, wilderness, Indigenous cultures, responsible travel and great fun – Nevada.

Indigenous Cultures

It’s time to celebrate Indigenous cultures, the cornerstone of human habitation in the Mojave Desert. Which are Indigenous-owned businesses open to visitors? Who are the Indigenous artisans? How do visitors connect?

Urban-Rural Connections

It’s time to connect Las Vegas, one of the world’s most storied cities to rural Nevada. We’d love to know more about Carson City and Reno. These are the hubs of the built environment, centers of employment and tourism. Our wish: tipsheets for locals and visitors – making the most of the cities and getting out into the country.


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