Photo: Ron Mader, Roof Dog de Teotitlán Del Valle


Apologies for the buzzwords, but that’s part of the point of this exercise. Visually, the solution I came up with this is to put the questions in the thought bubbles of a roof dog with translation into Spanish. I could print out the posters and post the artwork online to test the waters of translation. Presenting: RoofDog

All of the posters and the Slideshare presentation use the Creative Commons attribution-share alike license, so feel free to print, download, embed, remix and share.

Seeking editors to translate in other languages.

Living in rural Mexico and working online (2001-2013), I experienced a disconnect every few months when something new appeared online that had little relevance to my immediate surroundings and conversations or something appeared in my life on the ground in Oaxaca that I knew would be difficult to convey to the larger world.

I’m not the only one challenged to ask questions, feeling foolish for not articulating a new idea quite right. We co-exist in separate silos.

Too many questions go unasked which leads to a lot of misunderstanding. We talk around topics instead of asking simple, direct questions. Or we limit our feedback to ‘people like ourselves’ and accommodate the echo chamber.



Embedded Tweets

#roofdog on flickr

How will we address climate change and emissions created from long-haul travel? ¿Cómo abordará el cambio climático y las emisiones generadas por los viajes de larga distancia? #roofdog #iy2017

International Mother Language Day = Dia Internacional de la Lengua Materna How do you translate ‘International Mother Language Day?’  = ¿Cómo se traduce Dia Internacional de la Lengua Materna?’ #usatuvoz @VocesValle @blillehaugen @BnZunni

Do you offer bike valet service? = ¿Ofrecen servicio de valet bicicleta? #roofdog

How trustworthy are algorithms that are not public? = ¿Qué tan confiable son algoritmos que no son públicas?

What Open Educational Resources are available for biodiversity conservation and education? = ¿Cual recursos educativos abiertos están disponibles para la conservación y la educación de la biodiversidad? #roofdog #openeducationwk

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