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Preview: Responsible Travel Week #rtweek18

Join us for Responsible Travel Week, February 12-18 and fall in love with responsible travel.

2018 is the tenth year for Responsible Travel Week and Planeta.com‘s 19th year of innovative conferencing. Since 2000 we have hosted dialogues about ecotourism, sustainable tourism, conscious travel.

One of Planeta.com’s tentpole events, Responsible Travel Week manifests our commitment toward effective communication and collaboration.

Participation is free and Pay What You Want (PWYW).

Crowdsourced and crowdfunded, Responsible Travel Week amplifies down-to-earth applications of noble concepts including responsible travel, conscious travel and ecotourism with the inexpensive social web. Think of this as a way to move beyond silos and share the information and questions we have. We have the tools in our handhelds to plan trips, to welcome visitors, to make the world a better place.

Fall in love with responsible travel and let us know your plans and level of engagement. Schedule your own event or stage a viewing party. What participants get out of an event depends on what’s put in. The week is the early-in-the-year wake-up-call that we all need on our journey toward digital literacy and ethical / conscious / responsible travel. Engaged participants shouldn’t feel like you need to know everything. Be curious. Ask questions.

We recommend budgeting time before, during and particularly after the week to make the most of networking opportunities. Even a modest investment of time can pay off with new ideas and contacts. Be inspired and be inspiring!

Responsible travel is not an ethical dilemma of whether to have fun or be responsible. We can do both! Responsible Travel Week demonstrates the use of the social web as an integral and inexpensive means of communication and collaboration. At the very least we are documenting case studies around the world. It is time to own our definitions for responsible and sustainable tourism.

The event is mostly unorganized and that is by design. It is what we lovingly called an unconference in that the participants – you – create the agenda. Organize yourselves! On the plus side, this allows people to create events and live video tours on the fly.

Holding a workshop, tour or informal meetup? You don’t need permission – just let us know the details and share via our Facebook event page and Twitter.

We welcome financial donors, including individuals and institutions willing to invest in a more formal approach, including awards and workshops focused on digital literacy training. Let’s learn to use new technologies, how to combine high tech with face-to-face gatherings.

Registration opens soon on Google Docs and Facebook.

Specific Requests
We are looking for friends who would like to help organize local events, edit the Planeta Wiki and submit features for Planeta.com about making tourism more beneficial for locals and visitors in 2018.



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