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Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument


Happy 2nd Birthday Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument!

This gem of the #IceAge is brighter than ever in the Mohave Desert on the fringe of Las Vegas. Officially on my 2017 Places to Visit and a case study during Responsible Travel Week. If you are seeking a park of your own to find in the coming year, may we encourage to visit and use the #FindYourPark hashtag.

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Key Facts
Created December 2014
Size: 22,650-acres
1,300 acres are allocated to the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas

Reasons to visit

Visit notable places called Tule
See park creation in process
If you can’t take a long walk, take a short one. (Vegas is an incredible hub for state and national parks, recreation areas, and national monuments. But few are closer to town as Tule.

Tule Springs National Monument

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