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Las Vegas’ Sunset Park

Happy anniversary to Las Vegas‘ Sunset Park, celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

Tip: Don’t feed the birds. Bread is not bird food.


What would locals like visitors to know about Sunset Park?
Qué les gustaría a la gente local que los visitantes saber de Sunset Park?
Hawaiian: He aha ka ‘ike ko‘iko‘i a kūpono no nā malihini e kipa ana mai i Sunset Park?
(Literal translation: What is the required and appropriate knowledge for the newcomer visiting Sunset Park?)

October Calendar

As part of our continuing series of Vegas Parks Calendars in 2017, October 2017 spotlights the sand dunes in Sunset Park. My picture is adequate but nothing special. Take your photo or video from the park and let us know.

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