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Responsible Travel: Call for Videos

One of our challenges for Responsible Travel Week 2017 is to learn how to make the most of video and livestreaming. There are plenty of options, including Facebook, Periscope and YouTube.

For participants, RT Week challenges you to make your own videos – showing responsible travel in action. Whether it’s a walk in a park or showing back-of-house operations, take us on a tour. Show us the local market, craft vendors, museums and tourism info centers.

Bonus points for live video which is becoming a must-have for mainstreaming topical and timely issues, including responsible tourism. It used to be ‘pictures or it didn’t happen.’ Now it’s “Livestreaming video or it’s not happening.”

If videos are public and able to be embedded, we’ll add them to Planeta.com and share on various social web channels, including the Facebook event page.

This exercise is intended to be an awareness-raising for other events that take place this year. For officials of tourism ministries and operators of tourism businesses, why not raise your phone and show live video at conferences and trade shows?

Background: 2017 is the ninth year for Responsible Travel Week and Planeta.com‘s 17th year of innovative conferencing. We’ve hosted dialogues about ecotourism, sustainable tourism, conscious travel since 2000. Responsible Travel Week takes place online and at local events around the globe February 13-19. Registration is open.

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