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Collaboration in New Zealand Travel and Tourism

New Zealand has some of the best livestreaming video in the world, including NetHui and RoyalCam.

We are updating our NZ-focused resources and suggestions are welcome.

One of collaborative editing available is a Google Doc: Collaboration in New Zealand Travel and Tourism —
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YiYNLbBqoMksx3aftECKi4rMdupAmMFe8QL3TaS9lNA/edit — that anyone can edit. Focus on this for a moment — how many ways do we have for collaborative editing? The process is usually non-existent — one person does all the work, feedback is limited. The alternative, however, is much brighter. We create we stories (or perhaps wee stories!)  blending the knowledge and curiosity of locals and visitors.

So join us on a virtual tour of collaboration in New Zealand Travel and Tourism.

Are there examples of travel trade shows and tourism conferences using livestreaming video?

What are the most imaginative, creative online resources from New Zealand that assist visitors?

How can the social web can be best used to connect locals in NZ with visitors (those outside the NZ and New Zealanders themselves)


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Collaboration in New Zealand Travel and Tourism

Collaborative editing


The Value of Collaboration

New Zealand = Aotearoa

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