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Henderson’s Bark in the Park


Henderson, Nevada hosts the annual Bark In the Park, Saturday, March 9, 10am-2pm in Cornerstone Park.

Bark in the Park is a celebration of canine friends with dozens of information and vendor booths. The event attracts hundreds of beautiful dogs, many needing forever homes. There are plenty of bowls, buckets, and kiddie pools of water for the canine crowd.

Pet adoption is available on site.

Free parking and overflow parking at RC Willeys.

All pets must be leashed. Handlers must be at least 10 years old. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Admission is free.

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City of Henderson

Spotlight: Golden Retrieve Rescue of Southern Nevada is an organization which provides a rescue program for abandoned, mistreated, or unwanted golden retrievers.


  • Is there a directory of exhibitors?
  • Are there other dog-focused meetups in the valley?
  • What are upcoming events at Cornerstone Park?
  • Where are the nearby dog-friendly hiking paths?


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