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Communication and Sustainable Tourism Index (2006)

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From the archives:

The following was prepared as a reference index for the Role of Communication in Sustainable Tourism e-conference (June 2006).

A formal summary of this discussion was delivered to the World Congress on Communication for Development and is available as a PDF document.

One of the goals in launching Planeta.com in 1994 was to use new technology in catalyzing communication about responsible travel and ecotourism. “Planeta has been a web leader not by being at the cutting edge, but rather a step behind, showing what we can all do to revolutionize our relationship with each other and with the planet.” Said Ron Mader, Planeta’s founder.

Key LInks

Communication and Sustainable Tourism (PDF)

Communication in Sustainable Tourism – World Bank (PDF)
Communication for Development – WTO

E-Conference Review
SUMMARY — The 2006 e-conference Role of Communication in Sustainable Tourism opened a global dialogue.

STRENGTHS — Interesting subject matter and excellent dialogue. A summary will be presented at a meeting in Italy in October 2006.

WEAKNESSES — Little advance notice or lead time. It’s not a good sign when information about a conference about communication is distributed after the event has begun. The e-conference had scant promotion from the organizers — World Bank, World Tourism Organization and supporting institutions, including the Communications Initiative. Within the forum, the organization of the topics was confusing. Participants could introduce new topics and there was considerable overlap. Posting was offline for at least two days during the second week of the event. Archives are no longer available.

Communication for tourism policies/strategies
Reviewing National Tourism Portals: What Countries Say about Tourism and Ecotourism
Improving the Dialogue: Responsible Tourism and Conservation
Ownership – Valere Tjolle
Inter-Institutional Meetings in Oaxaca – Abdon Vazquez (PDF)
Communication for Corporate Social Responsibility
Financing Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Tourism Bank Watch
Linking to markets
Ethical Marketing Conference
Marketing and Certification – Conference Excerpts
Estrategias de Mercadotecnia
How to Write a Media Release
Interpretation and orientation
Improving Signage
Signage Gallery
Ecoturismo Urbano y Vias Verdes (Mexico City)

Spotlight on Flickr
World Deserts
World Museums
COP-8 Photoset

Indigenous Peoples
Tourism and Indigenous People
Cazaneun d’beni ruin chei laadi (Walk with the Weavers) (Mexico)
yakxtÝ’ts (Mexico)
Zapotec Quiz (Mexico)
Uluru (Australia)

Spotlight on Eldis
Eldis Webtour
Tourism Introduction – Eldis
Tourism Practical Information – Eldis
Tourism Challenges – Eldis

The Value of Continuity (working draft)
Sustainability Versus Air Conditioning
Sustainable Development Report
Comments on COP-8 in Curitiba – Frank Segieth
Making Transit Sexy – Rebuilding Place
Sustainable Business and the World Economic Forum – World Changing

The Value of Place (working draft)
“Place” as a determinant of travel and focus for writing – Herb Hiller
The Coverage of Place – Ron Mader/Rhodes Journalism Review
Why Public Spaces Fail – PPS
Rebuilding Place
The Economic Importance of the Arts and Cultural Industries in Santa Fe County (PDF)

Maine Web Report
Search users ‘stop at page three’ – BBC
Travels with iPod – National Geographic Traveler
Google versus Evil – Wired



Communication and Sustainable Tourism (2006)

The Value of Communication = El Valor de la Comunicación

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