Samoa is a country governing the western part of the Samoan Islands. The country became independent from New Zealand in 1962 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. The two main islands of Samoa are Upolu and one of the biggest islands in Polynesia, Savai’i. Pacific Ocean Polynesia

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Buzzwords Virtual Tour = Travel by Internet = Viaja por Internet Essay Witness the rise of virtual tours – ranging from promotion to substitution. Virtual tours take multiple forms and can include slide shows, video, photos and conversations. Elsewhere on the Web Digital Travel Virtual Reality


Indigenous Peoples Zulu = an ethnic group of southern Africa Wikipedia The href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Zulu people or amaZulu, an ethnic group of southern Africa. The Zulu language or isiZulu, a Bantu language of southern Africa The Zulu Kingdom, also called the Zulu Empire Mzansi = South Ugu = Coast One Minute Zulu …


Photo: UN Women, Coffee farmers Rwanda is located in Central Africa. The Rwandan relief is hilly and mountainous with an altitude averaging 1700 meters. This country is also known affectionately as the Land of a Thousand Hills. Headlines i-want-you-to-know-that-rwanda-is-the-most-remarkable-country-in-the-world What lies beneath Tourism Sector Stakeholders Urged to Support Park Communities Rwanda’s gorillas contribute …


Buzzwords Adaptation = the act or process of changing to better suit a situation In terms of climate change, adaptation helps cope with the effects – for example construction of barriers to protect against rising sea levels, or conversion to crops capable of surviving high temperatures and drought. An adaptation in biology is a trait …