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Elsewhere on the Web: Radio Nationalabc.net.au/radionational is one of our fave streaming / podcasting giants of the world.

What we like: forward-facing window into Australia, show notes, podcasts, archives

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For non-Ozzies, ABC should be considered as a premiere, go-to source for those planning trips to Australia from abroad. For those concerned with overtourism and undertourism, RN programs routinely feature the off-the-radar attractions and new community projects that need visitors.

A personal note: RN has been a longtime favorite since preparing for a presentation and workshops in Australia in 2007. I went to the service to prepare for a trip and to literally listen to locals. ABC does this on a daily basis and it shares these conversations over the air and online. No other broadcaster is as listener-friendly, particularly for those of who seek ungeoblocked, on-demand content.

Good things can be said about the BBC, RTE Ireland, NPR, RNZ and other state broadcasters but often the programs are unavailable.

Because ABC Radio National radio is not geoblocked, RN becomes the eyes and ears of all those around the world curious and perhaps equally passionate about the wildlife, the rural communities, the Aboriginal languages, arts, and astronomy.

RN is the purveyor and conveyor of admirable Austrian-ness. With an unparalleled radio service online, the network has been providing podcasts since the beginning of podcasts. I want to know what just happened or is happening in Australia. I also want to know what’s next. From Future Tense to Late Night Live, Off Track to Awaye, the topics vary but what remains is civility crossed with curiosity. ABC’s Radio National delivers.

In the economic/political world an ocean away, there are budget cuts and other threats. We are keen on supporting initiatives that fund and support the vital work RN plays locally and globally.

Podcasts and Podcasting
Is there a new link to find the most recently uploaded podcasts from @RadioNational? This reliable favorite – podcasts – now leads to a sorry / not found page

2020 Schedule (PDF)
Press Release

ABC Programs
Future Tense

Future Tense

Late Night Live

Late Night Live (Australia)

Off Track

Off Track

Blueprint for living

Blueprint for Living

Colin Bisset



Sum of all parts

Sum of All Parts

Science Show

Science Show

Big Ideas

Background Briefing @RNBBing

Rear Vision

The Spirit of Things

ABC Friends
ABC Friends – abcfriends.org.au – represents the public’s interest in the ABC. Australian democracy and culture depend on the survival of a healthy, independent public broadcaster.

Favorite bits

  • Quality engagement with presenters as comments, tweets and Facebook posts

Pet Peeves

  • Not being able to use the sleek ABC listen App, which appears to be in a different store than what I can access from my account.
  • Cancellation of Bush Telegraph

Inside ABC

ABC Initiatives


Shoutouts for past programs:
Rum, Rebels and Ratbags


  • Is our storytelling keeping up with our diverse cultural reality?
  • Where is the conversation?

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