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Australian Baseball League

The Australian Baseball League (ABL) is a professional baseball league in Australia.

The league is governed by the Australian Baseball Federation (ABF).

Season: November-February

This weekend:

Official spin: “A landmark partnership between Baseball Australia, Major League Baseball, and the Australian Sports Commission, the ABL features a 45-game season and serves to elevate baseball’s profile on the Australian sports landscape as well as fuel participation in the game. The ABL seeks to showcase, on home soil, the enormously talented Australian baseball players who, for decades, have excelled on the international level.” – ABL

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Upcoming games
Schedule (PDF)

Baseball Live is produced by the ABL and Baseball Australia. Get live scores, broadcasts, stats, news, features and more.

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Strikezone Australia with Chris Coleman is the inside baseball coverage from down under. Subscribe to the  or via . Twitter: @CJCau.

Game One

All star game





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