Planeta.com spotlights what is local across the globe. We work toward decentralizing communication by encouraging engagement – active participation and reciprocity – among key players, starting with locals and visitors.

Developed by Ron Mader in 1994 as a reporter’s notebook, Planeta.com pioneers online reporting focusing on conscious living and travel around the globe. The award-winning site is geared toward conscious hosts, travelers, and everyone in between.

We aspire toward Open Access, Open Education and Open Journalism.

We are seeking practical suggestions in the realm of eco-friendly, people-friendly and place-friendly travel.

We are happy to partner with others.

Making Contact
Contact us through comments or by tweeting including @planetanews.

Corrections please. Finding misspellings on Planeta.com is like finding water in the ocean. Editorial suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome

Contribute a story. Planeta.com welcomes articles about conservation, travel, food, indigenous cultures, markets. Authors receive a bio including email and web link so that readers can make direct contact.

Comment on individual features on this site.

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Conference Archive

Planeta.com has hosted more than twenty online conferences since 2000. This is an impressive archive and we would like to partner with universities in summarizing the dialogues and pursuing new avenues of collaboration.

Specialized Workshops

Planeta.com provides direct access to travel operators, language schools, artisans and conservation groups. For professionals including park managers, conservationists, tourism associations and government leaders we offer workshops and presentations.


Engaging Events

Ron Mader