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Asynchronous = Communication in which the sender and receiver are not concurrently engaged.

Chess by mail
Wiki editing
Google Doc editing

Also see: real-time

A Few words about real time and Asynchronous Communication
One example is the television series ‘24‘ in which the events occur in a linear and concurrent fashion as opposed to cutting to other times earlier or later than the action depicted or compressing time. In a real-time computer games, events in the game occur at the same rate as the events which are being depicted. On TV the best example are sports played in real time.

An e-conference can include elements of both real time and asynchronous communication. Online chats can be scheduled for instantaneous conversation. Conferences can also allow participants time before and after to read in-depth materials and make comments.

In short, we engage in real time and via asynchronous communication all the time. We read the news stories that were written less than a day ago or guidebooks that were sent to print a year ago. We send an email to a friend or post a message on a public bulletin board that may be read in five minutes or in five years by someone we do not know.

Real Time

Asynchronous Communication
Face to face conversation Letter writing
Phone conversation Email
Trade show, conference, fair, festival Online conference, workshop
E-conference (online chat) E-conference (reading posts and commenting)


The Value of Communication = El Valor de la Comunicación



Engaging Events

Time = Tiempo = Zeit =

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