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The date of January 26 is a contentious one in Australia where for some it celebrates nationhood and for others (the Indigenous and Aboriginal Australians) it is a day of mourning.

As an outsider keen on learning about Australian culture, the month of January is an excellent reintroduction to the many nations and subcultures down under.

This page spotlights key links, recommended listening, embedded tweets, and related features.

January 26

January 26

Key Links

Recommended Listening
This history of Australia Day

Australia Day, should the date be moved? Indigenous perspectives

“There is hurt”: Parliament’s first Aboriginal minister on Australia Day debate – Indigenous frontbencher Ken Wyatt says Australia should wait to be a republic before changing the date of Australia Day.

How Christians can unpack the baggage of colonialism this Australia Day

Embedded Tweets

Australia Day



Aboriginal and Indigenous Australia

Australia Links

Triple J Hottest 100

Australia Night

01 • January • Enero

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