Photo: Alebrijes, La Unión Tejalapam, Oaxaca Love = Intense feeling of deep affection Translating: Love Chinese: 爱 French: Amour German: Liebe Hawaiian: Aloha Irish: Grá Japanese: 愛 Māori: Aroha Swedish: Kärlek Sámi: Ra’hkisvouhta Spanish: Amor Love Notebook Kindness

Mezcal Links

Photo: Agaves in Oaxaca Links related to mezcal presented in somewhat random fashion: Twitter @Insitumezcal @UlisesTorrenter @Mezcaloteca @WahakaMezcal @LaOllaOax @MestizoMezcal @LaNinadelMezcal @IlegalMezcal @MezcalElCortijo @MezcalAlipus @Mezonte Facebook Sin Remordimientos Don Mateo Home – Esp Va de nuevo la versión completa. Vinata de mezcal Don Mateo. San Miguel del monte en Morelia. Posted by Emilio Vieyra …


Photo: Vivero Flor de Mayo Vegetable = a plant used as food Faves Arugula Beans Beets Corn = Maíz = Garlic Lettuce Potatoes Quelites Radishes = Rábanos = Spinach Tomatoes Food, Health, and Cultivating Communities Plants Soil Agriculture Radish Night in Oaxaca de Juárez, México Salad Gardens

Digital Literacy Quiz

Poster’s Digital Literacy Quiz – – is used in tandem with our workshops and February’s Responsible Travel Week. Participants choose what they want to learn and score their own performances. The Digital Literacy Quiz is part of our ongoing, effort of cyber housekeeping — updating social web components and widgets embedded on our …

El Foco

Screenshot Mexico City – Friends recommend watching El Foco, a walking tour (and in 2020, bike tours!) of the streets, neighborhoods, legends, and historical sites led by Hector de Mauleon (@hdemauleon) and Viveka Duncan (@VekaDuncan). Viva the slow adventures. Appointment viewing for the lucky, the program airs Sundays, 5pm on ADN40. Later on episodes are …


Logo WordPress – – is the platform for our website. And to mix metaphors, it is also the current mystery box we are currently curating and unpacking. Key Links WordPress 5.4 Field Guide blogging-university email address Questions How often do administrators have to log in? #tk How do I install a plugin? Any …


A former Otomi settlement, the town of Huixquilucan is a town on the western outskirts of Mexico City. The name ‘Huixquilucan’ means ‘place of edible thistle.’ Elsewhere on the Web @EnriqueVargasdV Wikipedia Huixquilucan_de_Degollado Planeta Estado de México (State of Mexico) México


Photo: Metro Centric Spotlight on Bochum, Germany Google Maps Elsewhere on the Web Videos Photos Wikipedia Wikipedia Planeta Germany Germany Links Cities