Gallipoli is a peninsula in northwestern Turkey, the site of the Gallipoli Campaign (sometimes called the Battle of Gallipoli) in World War I. Turkish: Gelibolu Yarımadası Greek: Χερσόνησσος της Καλλίπολης) Gallipoli is the Italian form of the Greek name “Καλλίπολις” (Kallípolis), meaning “Beautiful City,” the original name of the modern town of Gelibolu. Recommended Listening …


Buzzwords Portable Document Format (PDF) is an open standard for document exchange. This file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 is used for converting documents into electronic format. Also see: electronic publication, e-publication Headlines Which World Bank reports are widely read?  The solutions to all our problems may be buried in PDFs that nobody reads …


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Photo: Turtles Diversity = A range of different things Events May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity Quotes Is our storytelling keeping up with our diverse cultural reality? – Beyond the Anglosphere, ABC (2009) If we cannot end our differences at least we can …


Indigenous Peoples The Ojibwe, Ojibway, or Chippewa are a group of Indigenous peoples in North America. There are Ojibwe communities in both Canada and the United States. Elsewhere on the Web Anishinabe/Ojibwe/Chippewa: Culture of an Indian Nation Wikipedia Ojibwe Ojibwe_people Anishinaabe Ojibwe_language Apps @ogoki Headlines Indigenous


Photo: Catedrales e Iglesias, Parroquia Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Cd Lerdo Durango is a state in northern Mexico. From the Pacific Ocean to the Sonoran Desert, the state has a variety of environmental and cultural attractions. Embedded Tweets Nov 17 lluvia de estrellas Las Leonidas, donde un arcoíris en el desierto te hace ponerte a …


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