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Oaxaca’s La Cosecha Market (Feb 2018)

Screenshot: CORTV The latest video from Oaxaca’s La Cosecha Market has been uploaded by the state’s public television station, CORTV: La Cosecha is an organic market consisting of 37 producers and artisans who are engaged in different activities, such as fruit and vegetable harvesting, textile processing, gastronomy, among others. This project has worked in collaboration …


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La Cosecha Market

One of Ron’s favorite world markets is in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Kudos to our friends, vendors and clients alike at La Cosecha, Macedonio Alcalá #806 Key Links https://www.facebook.com/LaCosechaOaxaca https://goo.gl/maps/y4GmaR7aAg32 YouTube Features Oaxaca’s La Cosecha Market (Feb 2018) La Cosecha Market Visit, November 2017 Oaxaca Markets: Lila, Lucia. Lucia, Lila. Music, Dance and Commerce in Oaxaca’s …