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Ayöök Vocabulary from Santa María Ocotepec (Maaxïnkojm), Oaxaca, México

Photo: Ceramics

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Here are key Ayöök (Mixe) words and phrases used in Santa María Ocotepec (Maaxïnkojm) and translated in Spanish and English.

If you have not started to learn Ayöök, this is a great time to start as this we approach the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032). Planeta.com is updating guides to Ayöök, Diné, Māori, and Zapotec among other Indigenous languages.

The Ayöök and Spanish translations are courtesy of Engracia Perez Castro and Rodrigo Martínez Vásquez who sell crafts at the La Cosecha Market in Oaxaca de Juárez. Thanks to the extended family for kindness and additional language lessons.

Travel Tip – When traveling in Oaxaca, seek out Ayöök friends selling these crafts and foods. If you visit La Cosecha, please extend greetings!

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Embedded Tweets

Artwork / Cue Yourself
Oy ku ti minta jats ëëts xku'ix = Nos honras con tu visita = Your visit honors us


Mixe Español English
nëë agua water
poj aire air
naax tierra earth
jëëjn fuego fire
tëjk casa house
jayï gente people
töö lluvia rain
kajpïn pueblo town
jööjtykïn vida life
kam milpa family farm
töönk trabajo work
kopk cerro hill
ayöök lengua mixe mixe language
xëë fiesta festival
xëë sol sun
po’o luna moon
kïp árbol tree
kumööntöönk tequio community service
kutöönk autoridad authority
xëëmaaywa adivino (guias del tiempo) fortune teller
Dios mkujo’yïxjïp Gracias Thank you
Myak tukukojtsjïp Se te agradece Thank you
Ntukukojtsjïp Te agradezco Thank you
Työs meep Buenos dias Good morning
Ti mxëë ¿Como te llamas? What is your name?
Mkayïp ¿Comes? Do you eat?
Ti mutvmp ¿Qué haces? What are you doing?
Jöma mnïjkx ¿A donde vas? Where are you going?
Winxïp Cuánto How much?
Wintso jyaty ¿Como te va? How are you?
Oy Bien Good
Yakxon Bien Good
Wakwiim Oaxaca Oaxaca
Nëwiim México Mexico
Ëts nkajpïn Mi comunidad My community
Kay Comer eat
Kaayp Comiendo eating
Tun Trabajar work
Töömp Trabajando working
Tëë’k vendor sell
Too’kp Vendiendo selling
Oy ku ti minta jats ëëts xyu’ix Nos honran con tu visita Your visit honors us.

New (2019)
¿Win’it y’oya namyaajtyjïmït?
When would you like to chat?

Thank you

Tsöj = Bonito = Beautiful

Kaaky = Tortilla = Tortilla


Ayöök = Mixe


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