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Learn the lingo! We’re translating baseball vocabulary into español. Suggestions are welcome.

Vocabulario para Visitantes al Parque de Béisbol = Key Vocabulary for Visitors to the Ball Park
Boleto – Ticket
Taquillas – Ticket Window

Los Basicos = The Basics
Ball – Pelota
Balk – Balk (to make an illegal motion before pitching, allowing one or more base runners to advance one base or engaño de pitcher)
Bases – Almohadillas
Base Hit – Imparable, indiscutible
Bases loaded – Casa llena
Bat – Bat
Batter’s Box – Cajón de bateo
Big hit – Cañonazo
Bullpen – Calentadero
Cap – Gorra
Comeback – Remontada
Double Play
Dugout – Dogout
Error – Error
Fan – Aficionado/a, fanático/a
Grand slam – Jonrón con la casa llena
Helmet – Casco
Hit – Hit
Hitting for the cycle
Home Field Advantage
Home Run – Jonrón, cuadrangular
Inning – Entrada
Line Drive – Salvajada
Line Up – Line up, Alineación
Major League
Mascot – Mascota
On deck – Circulo de espera, proximo al bat
Out – Out
Pitchers’ Duel – Duelo de pitcheo
Glove – Guante, Manopla, Mascota (catcher)
Catcher’s mask – Carreta
Pick up game – Cascara, cascarita
Rain delay –
Runs batted in – Remolcada
Scoreboard = Pizarra
Series – Serie
Set Up –
Strike – Strike
Strike out – Chocolate; Ponchado/a
Superstition – Cabala
Swing and miss – Abanicó, whiff
Run – Carrera
Team – Equipo
Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Llévame al partido
Throwing Lane –
Umpire – Ampayer

Step up to the plate = to take action in response to an opportunity or crisis



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