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Poster: Biodiversity Day

Biodiversity is the variety of all living organisms on earth.

While the concept is as old as life itself, ‘biodiversity’ was coined in 1986.

Some ask how to integrate biodiversity into tourism. Others ask how to protect biodiversity from tourism! Planeta.com explores the nuances of the living planet. Wiki editors are encouraged to add relevant links, current headlines and upcoming events. To mainstream biodiversity, open access or at least access Is needed asap.

Translating: What is the value of biodiversity?
¿Cuál es el valor de la biodiversidad?
Quelle est la valeur de la biodiversité?

Translating: How do we value biodiversity?
¿Cómo valoramos la biodiversidad?
Comment valorisons-nous la biodiversité?

Planeta Features

Biodiversity Day
State of the World’s Plants
Biodiversity and Climate Change
What are the pros and cons of biodiversity offsets?

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