Rugby World Cup 2019

Japan hosts the 2019 Rugby World Cup September 20 – November 2. The final will take place in Yokohama. Hashtag: #RWC2019 Key Links qualifying news news Headlines Greens labelled ‘wowsers’ after opposing venues staying open during RWC Japan is warned of a Rugby World Cup beer shortage how-can-world-rugby-make-the-2019-rugby-world-cup-even-more-exciting No plan B for RWC2019 …

Japan Links

Japan flag Links related to Japan presented in somewhat random fashion: Headlines Tourists In Kyoto Are Making Geisha’s Lives Difficult Carefully, Japan Reconsiders the Trash Can Tourists Are Causing Headaches In Japan Japan is struggling to deal with the foreign tourism boom Overseas Visitors to Japan in 2018 Top 31 Million …


Photo: Matthias Ripp, Skyline Tokyo … Headlines The underground cathedral protecting Tokyo from floods – BBC Take one last stroll through Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market before it closes – Quartz Reference Current Local Time Elsewhere on the Web Sake Tours @saketours Tokyo Japan Japan Links Cities


Fukushima Headlines Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean (And It’s Going To Get Worse) Fukushima’s nuclear signature found in California wine Embedded Tweets Fukushima- the largest release of radiation into the water in the history of the world. — Zac Goldsmith (@ZacGoldsmith) October 2, 2016 Wikipedia Fukushima_(city) Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster Japan


Buzzwords Ikigai = the reason for which you wake up in the morning Embedded Tweets The Japanese concept of #ikigai boils down the search for meaning in life into four questions. 1) What do you love?2) What are you good at?3) What does the world need from you?4) What can you get paid for? I'm …