Love = Intense feeling of deep affection Translating: Love Chinese: 爱 French: Amour Hawaiian: Aloha German: Liebe Hawaiian: Aroha Irish: Grá Japanese: 愛 Swedish: Kärlek Spanish: Amor Wiki love Love Notebook Kindness

Food Bank

Buzzwords Food Bank = a place where stocks of food, typically basic provisions and non-perishable items, are supplied free of charge to people in need. Food, Health and Cultivating Communities Food Security

Submarine Canyon

Buzzwords Submarine canyon = Steep-sided valley cut into the seabed of the continental slope, sometimes extending well onto the continental shelf, having nearly vertical walls, and occasionally having canyon wall heights of up to 5 km, from canyon floor to canyon rim Wikipedia Submarine canyon Ocean


Poster Kindness = Quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Be kind. Kindness is a form of loving of giving, of being generous with encouragement and praise. Yes, we can encourage one another. If you are going to be anything, be kind. Translating: Kindness Afrikaans: Goedhartigheid Estonian: Lahkus German: Güte Maori: Aroha Russian: доброжелательность Spanish: Bondad Swedish: Vänlighet …

Foreign accent syndrome

Foreign accent syndrome is a rare medical condition in which patients develop speech patterns that are perceived as a foreign accent that is different from their native accent, without having acquired it in the perceived accent’s place of origin. – Wikipedia Recommended Listening Speaking in tongues – Imagine waking up one day and speaking with …