Fighting Talk

Logo Among our fave podcasts and appointment radio listening: BBC’s Fighting Talk, a topical sports show broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live. The show is broadcast on Saturday mornings for an hour between 11am-noon. The current and longest-serving presenter has been Colin Murray. Previous hosts were Johnny Vaughan and Christian O’Connell. Panelists include Toronto-based Greg …

Bullpen car

Photo: Michael Femia Bullpen car, also known as a bullpen cart = used in professional baseball to bring relief pitchers into the game from the bullpen to the pitcher’s mound during a pitching change. Wikipedia Bullpen car Baseball Transportation Marketing


Buzzwords Overtourism = Essay Having seen the overcrowding in person at Zion National Park over the past decade, I wonder if we are satisfied with the communication about park visitation as visitors. Do we know beforehand that we are contributing to a human traffic jam? What are strategies for visitors to avoid overcrowded places? Living …

Landing Page

Buzzwords Landing Page = Embedded Tweets Here's the whole, 10-part series in one convenient landing page. #WaterQuestion #ColoradoRiver #Water — Henry Brean (@RefriedBrean) March 9, 2019 Las Vegas Water Tour Internet


Buzzwords Visitor = a person visiting a person or place Oaxaca’s Hugo Antonio Santiago suggests that instead of using the word ‘tourist’ or ‘traveler’ we use the word ‘visitor.’ A more inclusive language is a better way to interact with one another. Translation: Visitors Maori: Manuhiri Spanish: Visitante Quotes While Australians love a rant as …


Buzzwords Micromobility = Headlines Scooters Bike Share Transportation