Buzzwords Holacracy = Managed by None, Accountable to All Essay What does holacracy look like? In business? In responsible, conscious living and travel? Headlines No CEO: The Swedish company where nobody is in charge Holacracy makes the leap to open source – and zaps the ‘painful’ legalese a-powerful-experience-of-holacracy-in-action – @MatthewMezey heres-why-you-should-care-about-holacracy – @FastCoLead Spotlight on …


Buzzwords Hygge = Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality Headlines How the Finnish lifestyle of getting drunk while wearing pants became the new hygge What Is Hygge? Everything You Need To Know About The Danish Lifestyle Trend Elsewhere on the Web visitdenmark Wikipedia Hygge Planeta.com Responsible Travel Week

Liminal Being

Buzzwords Liminal beings are those that cannot easily be placed into a single category of existence. Associated with the threshold state of liminality, from Latin līmen, “threshold”, they represent and highlight the semi-autonomous boundaries of the social world. Liminal beings are naturally ambiguous, challenging the cultural networks of social classification. – Wikipedia Wikipedia Liminality Planeta.com …


Buzzwords Döstädning = Cleaning before one dies, a process of decluttering. Literally ‘Death Cleaning.’ Explored in The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson Planeta.com Swedish (Svenska) Death and Dying Clutter

Planetary Boundaries

Buzzwords Planetary boundaries is the central concept in an Earth system framework proposed by a group of Earth system and environmental scientists led by Johan Rockström from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Will Steffen from the Australian National University. In 2009, the group proposed a framework of “planetary boundaries” designed to define a “safe operating …