Buzzwords Robocall = automated telephone call that delivers a recorded message, typically on behalf of a political party or telemarketing company Headlines Phone Call Spam


Buzzwords Punctuation = the marks, such as period, comma, and parentheses, used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning Headlines The Value of Communication = El Valor de la Comunicación Language  


Indigenous Peoples The Rarámuri or Tarahumara are a Native American people of northwestern Mexico. Headlines Mexico: Killing of Rarámuri leader highlights lack of state protection for human rights defenders – Amnesty Latest land defender murder cements Mexico’s deadly reputation – Guardian Recommended Listening Pascolas y Matachines. La Voz de la Sierra Tarahumara. For more Mexico …

Warren Kirk

Screenshot: Flickr albums This week on Radio National: Michael Mackenzie visits Australian photographer Warren Kirk whose work is one of the highlights on Flickr. ‘Westography’ documents the fading social landscape of the western and north-western suburbs of Melbourne and the western arc of country Victoria, Australia. Recommended Listening: Saving ancient suburbia one photo at a …

Desert Oracle Radio

Elsewhere on the Web File under “Favorite Podcasts of 2018” Direct from Joshua Tree, Desert Oracle Radio is a weekly 30-minute road trip across the Mojave Wilderness. Season 2 started in September 2018. The show airs live Fridays, 10pm on z1077 fm and is available as a podcast. Hosted by Ken Layne, the program accompanies …


Buzzwords Journalism = Investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends to a group of people formerly called the audience. – The Economist Cue Yourself / Artwork Examples Australia’s Four Corners Journalism Links The Value of Communication = El Valor de la Comunicación Open Journalism


Photo: Digitize Digitize = convert images, text or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer. What records, videos, audio tapes, photos would you like to digitize? What are our options as we head in 2018? What would we like to see online by 2020? This page explores the practical ins …