Poster: NAIDOC Week 2018 Creative = involving the imagination or original ideas Recommended listening You are not boring: neuroscientist David Eagleman on human creativity Create Engagement

Gendered Language

Buzzwords Gendered Language = Language reflecting the experience, prejudices, or orientations of one sex more than the other Embedded Tweets Trump: Women want me to be politically correct so “I don't say mankind anymore. I say humankind” — The Hill (@thehill) June 19, 2018 Straw Person


Recommended Listening Gender assignment in French – An explanation for why words are assigned either masculine or feminine gender in the French language. Quotes Être homme, c’est précisément être responsable. C’est connaître la honte en face d’une misère qui ne semblait pas dépendre de soi. C’est être fier d’une victoire que les camarades …


Verbs Rinse = To wash (something) with clean water to remove soap, detergent, dirt, or impurities Headlines Food, Health and Cultivating Communities Verbs


Photo: Scott Denny, tk getting pinned Pin = To attach or fasten with a pin or pins in a specified position. Unpin = To unfasten or detach Unpin Verbs Wrestling


Verbs Flow = To go from one place to another in a steady stream, typically in large numbers. Also see Flow Psychology = Mental state reached when abilities are matched by challenges Block Verbs