Adjectives Viral = relating to or involving an image, video or meme circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another Elsewhere on the Web Viral Culture… Before The Internet history-of-the-first-viral-video How many views are needed in YouTube to go viral? Quotes Going viral has more to do with the receptivity of …


Adjectives Organic = relating to or derived from living matter; denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole; characterized by continuous or natural development Adjectives


Buzzwords Bipolar = mental illness that causes dramatic shifts in a person’s mood, energy and ability to think clearly. (NAMI) Elsewhere on the Web Health


Adjectives Existential = of, relating to, or affirming existence Embedded Tweets Who is the artist? Climate change threatens our existence – ZzzClimate change threatens our economy – !!! Planeta — planetanews (@planetanews) November 27, 2018 Elsewhere on the Web Centre for the Study of Existential Risk Adjectives Changing Climate It is what it …