On Country

On Country = Australian Aboriginal/Indigenous term for being in the land of one’s ancestors. Also see: home, working on country Facebook Twitter https://twitter.com/OurMobOnCountry Embedded Tweets Tomorrow we celebrate the Dedication of our IPA. There's a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Hope to see you there. @CountryNeedsPpl pic.twitter.com/0A1zYaqnXK — Yawuru (@YawuruAU) August 21, …

Indigenous Peoples Week Questions

Poster: #IPW7 Planeta.com’s seventh annual celebration of social web storytelling about Indigenous peoples and tourism around the world — Indigenous Peoples Week takes place August 7-13 (Monday-Sunday). Some of the questions we are asking: What is the status of Indigenous tourism in 2017? Spanish: ¿Cuál es la situación del turismo indígena en 2017? Portuguese: Qual é o status do turismo indígena em 2017? German: Was ist …

Danger List

Buzzword Bingo: Danger List Reflecting on UNESCO’s Danger List …   Key Links http://whc.unesco.org/en/danger Planeta.com 41st Session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee #41whc Slideshare UNESCO on the Social Web from ron mader


Friendversary = Anniversary of a friendship Also see: Buzzword Bingo Embedded Tweets Congratulations to our contest winner! As for the rest of you: prices go up on Saturday. Buy your ticket now: https://t.co/i4Ouayi0dN pic.twitter.com/RKPVjV0k06 — Mr. Trash Wheel (@MrTrashWheel) September 15, 2017 Planeta.com Buzzword Bingo Friends


Buzzwords Impactful = Having a great effect Recommended Listening Language and it’s problems (9:40) Usage Open education movements are operating as independent silos and may be more impactful if efforts were put into unifying them into a more synergistic whole. @pgstacey creativecommons.org/2017/03/22/open-education-global-2017… twitter.com/ronmader/status/846470876610494464 Planeta.com Adjectives

Macqwoty 2016

Graphic: Macquarie Dictionary Our favorite Word of the Year (#woty) is Australia’s #macqwoty, hosted by Macquarie Dictionary. Each year they announce a public game in January to choose the best word of the previous year. 2016 is the year of the Freecycle, Norman door, Blockchain, Post-Truth, Fake News, Driverless Car and mmmmm… bush carrots, must be …