Verbs Tailgate = host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium Also see: tailgating Elsewhere on the Web https://www.sfchronicle.com/raiders/ostler/article/Raiders-fold-on-stadium-parking-goals-tailgate-13201932.php http://shop.kstatesports.com/Gameday_And_Tailgate Planeta.com Football Verbs Raiders Football


Adjectives Beautiful = pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically Beauty is a characteristic that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction Also see: Nizhóní = That is beautiful = Bonito (Diné) Translating: Fill your eyes with beauty Spanish: Llena tus ojos con la belleza French: Remplissez vos yeux avec la beauté Quotes The beauty …


Verbs Upgrade = To raise (something) to a higher standard Upgrade your world by making the most of old-school allies and the expanding universe of the social web This presentation shows how the messages of environmental conservation and responsible / conscious / local travel is told using hi-tech and lo-fi communication. Engage! Comments are welcome …


Buzzwords Impact = Strong effect on someone or something Also see: impactful Embedded Tweets Thread of my published research on #biodiversity conservation. #sciencefriday pic.twitter.com/3i5j9uqVmR — Mike Mascia (@Mike_Mascia) January 26, 2018 Planeta.com Verbs Impactful Improving Environmental Journalism


Edit = To prepare material for publication One of our favorite forms of engagement are conversations, chats and practical edits from readers (aka the audience). Questions Can I edit the page directly? = ¿Puedo editar la página directamente? Planeta.com Verbs The Value of Collaboration Collaborative Editing Google Docs Editors Search and Replace


Adjectives Quiet = making little or no noise Ways to tell people to be quiet in Triqui Para callar a alguien, tenemos dos maneras. 1. Respetuosamente: «¡Diín gàne duhwá rá!» ‘¡Guarda silencio!’ 2. Enfáticamente: «¡Nàranh duhwá rá!» ‘¡Cállate la boca!’ Embedded Tweets Ways to tell people to be quiet in #Triqui! #Shhh #quiet #UsaTuVoz https://t.co/zd5AKpTYlS …