Verbs Listen = To give one’s attention to a sound We hear you. And if we do not hear you, we would like to. Embedded Tweets Please stop saying “giving communities a voice” Communities already have a voice, you just aren’t listening. #AAM2018 — Josey Balenger (@joseybalenger) May 8, 2018 There’s a subfield of musicology …


Verbs Negotiate = to bring about by discussion Embedded Tweets "Negotiate" – to find a way over or through an obstacle or difficult route. I cringe whenever I hear Rob Manfred use the word. Why? MLB/the owners are not negotiating. They have a predetermined outcome and are forcing the players into a corner to accept. …


Verbs Interconnect = to connect (one with another) Embedded Tweets Our #WordoftheDay #interconnect means to connect (one with another) — Macquarie Dictionary (@MacqDictionary) June 15, 2020 Planeta Connect


Verbs Breathe = take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process Health Secondhand Smoke Slow Adventures Ventilator World Environment Day 2019 Verbs