Buzzwords Supermoon = the phenomenon whereby the moon appears particularly large in the sky owing to the coincidence of its closest approach to the earth (the perigee) with a full (or new) moon Elsewhere on the Web Wikipedia Supermoon Moon Moon Links


Photo: NASA Marshall, Horsehead Nebula Nebula = a cloud of gas and dust in outer space, visible in the night sky either as an indistinct bright patch or as a dark silhouette against other luminous matter Astronomy


Buzzwords Rain = moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops Embedded Tweets A benefit of the rain. #Vegas — Clark County Nevada (@ClarkCountyNV) January 16, 2019 Rainbow Rain Shadow Water Clouds Fog Snow


Photo: Zion National Park, Honey Bee Bee = Insect with four wings that is related to the wasps, gathers pollen and nectar from flowers from which it makes beebread and honey for food, and usually lives in large colonies World Bee Day May 20 is World Bee Day. The date coincides with the birthday of …

Wild Brazil

Brazil Flag Links related to biodiversity, parks and wildlife in Brazil Features Brazil’s Network of Long Trails and Protected Area Connectivity Concessions Government Ministério do Meio Ambiente do Brasil @mmeioambiente Environment Wiki Parques – – Welcome to WikiParques, an interactive site dedicated to citizens who want to share their …

Ultima Thule

Buzzwords Wikipedia: (486958) 2014 MU69, previously designated PT1 and 1110113Y, and nicknamed Ultima Thule (Pronounced: Tool-ee) by the New Horizons team, is a trans-Neptunian object from the Kuiper belt located in the outermost regions of the Solar System. It was discovered by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope on 26 June 2014. The irregular shaped …


Buzzwords Universe = all existing matter and space considered as a whole; the cosmos Recommended Listening Numinous Cosmos – What is a better tool for gaining knowledge and discovering truth — science or spirituality? Or are the scientific and spiritual approaches not so different after all? A physicist, a Buddhist monk and a biologist talk …

Dark Skies

Buzzwords Dark Sky = denoting or located in a place where the darkness of the night sky is relatively free of interference from artificial light Key Links Events International Dark Sky Week 2018 April: International Dark Sky Week Created in 2003 by high-school student Jennifer Barlow, International Dark Sky Week has …


Photo: Hotel Xixim, Flamingos, Celestún, México Celebrations World Migratory Bird Day Species Ducks Penguins Kākāpō Webcams Favorite Streams: New Zealand’s Royal Cam The Wonder of Birds Biodiversity Conservation Wildlife