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The Value of Collaboration

Photo: Museo del Oro Zenú

Lack of collaboration is a proverbial stone in the road for those developing any ‘sustainable’ tourism operation.

Let’s be clever and work smarter, not harder. Many tourism players are aware that improving collaboration is a worthy objective, yet they feel stymied by how to put practice into action. Instead of competing, can we learn how to offer complementary services? Can we make a commitment to collaboration?

We explored this topic during the Responsible Tourism in Cities Conference in Durban, South Africa. (2011)

Collaboration is different than cooperation in that it includes different players with various interests, some of which may be at odds with one another. That said, if the people come together they end up creating something that could not be accomplished individually. Also, the ‘end product’ is often something that was previously unimagined as the process itself generates new developments.




The Value of Communication = El Valor de la Comunicación



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