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The Corporación Oaxaqueña de Radio y Televisión (CORTV), aka the Oaxacan Radio and Television Corporation, is a government agency of Oaxaca charged with the operation of radio and television stations in the state.

Official spin: CORTV is a public non-profit means of communication that fosters the socio-cultural wealth of the state of Oaxaca and provides space for all voices in an orderly and objective manner, maintaining plurality, truthfulness and quality in its contents. In addition, it defends and disseminates freedom of expression, public policies and social benefit campaigns that promote the integral development of society.

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Guelaguetza 2018

A Gathering of Oaxaca’s Traditional Cooks (2018)

Oaxaca’s La Cosecha Market (Feb 2018)

Feria del Tejate 2018



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