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Department of Conservation New Zealanddoc.govt.nz – is the government agency charged with conserving New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage.

Work is organized around five outcomes:

  • the diversity of our natural heritage is maintained and restored
  • our history is protected and brought to life
  • more people participate in recreation
  • more people engage with conservation and value its benefits
  • conservation gains from more business partnerships.

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Visitor Strategy
A new visitor strategy is being developed and will be launched in 2019.


DOC’s Logo
The story behind DOC’s logo, the shield emblem worn proudly by rangers all over New Zealand, is based on the Māori story of creation.

The blue of the DOC logo represents Ranginui, the Sky Father.

The green represents Papatūānuku, the Earth Mother.

The white koru shape represents an unfurling fern frond, symbolising new life, growth, strength and our continuing journey.

The koru also represents Tane, the god of the forest.

The shield shape wraps around these elements, providing protection and care – symbolising DOC’s role as guardians of New Zealand’s nature and conservation areas.

Department of Conservation
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New Zealand = Aotearoa

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