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Ecotourism Challenges in New Zealand and Australia 2008


From the archives: the proposal was made at the 2007 Ecotourism NZ Conference to conduct an online dialogue about ecotourism challenges in New Zealand and Australia.

The Ecotourism Challenges in New Zealand and Australia Dialogue highlighted ways to green the tourism industry and was quite popular. As of July 2008 the forum had been viewed more than 20,000 times and more than 100 photos were uploaded to the Flickr group.

Among the topics discussed:
Clarification on what constitutes ecotourism
Tourism campaigns and promotion
The role of councils and local communities in tourism planning
Responding to carbon emissions concerns and long-haul travel
Concessions and land management
Indigenous people and tourism




  • How is ecotourism defined in New Zealand and Australia and who are the key players?
  • What is the common ground shared by both countries?
  • What do stakeholders (including operators, visitors, locals, government officials and academics) want from ecotourism in terms of conserving the environment, working with communities and creating jobs?
  • How do Australian and New Zealand operators best integrate sustainable practice into their businesses?
  • What are recommended information sources regarding ecotourism and sustainability?
  • How is ecotourism best developed for long-haul travellers who wish to visit both countries with a seamless transition?
  • What benefits do ecotourism operators receive from marketing themselves collectively as the Oceania region instead of solely as part of their own country?
  • What is the relationship between Ecotourism Australia and Ecotourism NZ?
  • How are indigenous and Aboriginal stakeholders integrated in the design and promotion of ecotourism?
  • How are local and regional councils working to develop and promote ecotourism?
  • Can ‘commerce be culturized’ instead of ‘culture commercialized’?

New Zealand Questions

  • Do New Zealand operators think that ecotourism in their own country would benefit from representation from its own industry body?
  • If so, what kind of representation do local operators require and expect?
    – collaborating with groups such as DoC, the Ministry of Tourism, Tourism NZ, TIA, certification bodies and local and regional councils
    – providing networking functions such as the annual conference and regional online dialogues
    – delivery of information about managing a successful ecotourism business
    – publishing an online directory of ecotourism operators
    – highlighting exceptional operators through an awards program
    – developing good practice standards for ecotourism
    Do you have specific recommendations for Ecotourism NZ?

Do you have specific recommendations for Tai Poutini Polytechnic?

Australia Questions

  • What is the current perception of ecotourism in Australia?
  • What recommendations do Australian operators have for improving ecotourism in their country?
  • What are operators experiences of certification programmes?
  • What role do Australian institutions (including educational institutions, tourism offices, parks and wildlife services and representative bodies) play in developing and promoting ecotourism?
  • Do you have specific recommendations for the role of Ecotourism Australia?



Ecotourism New Zealand Conference (2007)


New Zealand = Aotearoa

Exploring Ecotourism

Responsible Travel Week

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