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Ecoturismo Genuino is a virtual community of consultants in Latin America where we share experiences, knowledge and ideas for the promotion of ecotourism. Note: most of the communication is in español.

Tuesday, October 29 Webinar, 6-7pm Pacific

Google Translate (Source): In 2017, we launched the first Virtual Community of Ecotourism Professionals in Latin America through a participatory funding. In recent months, we set ourselves the task of improving the functionalities of the Virtual Community platform and that is what we want to introduce you. For us, contributing to genuine ecotourism is sharing what each of us knows, has lived, experienced in relation to this type of responsible tourism.
Some of us call ourselves ecotourists, others work as consultants, others are ecotourism entrepreneurs (the biggest challenge), others from a non-governmental organization (NGO) or the public sector support the development of ecotourism.
That collective knowledge often stays with few people or the time or place to share the lessons learned, mistakes, successes, best practices is not found so that others who venture to develop an ecotourism initiative have a higher probability of success. In the Ibero-American Community of Ecotourism Genuine we are given the task of being that platform for the exchange of information, learning and experience around ecotourism in Spanish. Members of Genuine Ecotourism are professionals and apprentices who want to learn and exchange for the development of responsible tourism that contributes to nature conservation and local development.

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