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European Ecotourism Conferences

April 17-19 – The 4th European Ecotourism Conference takes place in Safranbolu, Turkey. I will not be there in person, but Planeta.com is a media partner.

We will be updating the presentation made at the first European Ecotourism Conference and offering free, public, live video workshops before, during and after the conference.

Key Links: http://eecoc.karabuk.edu.tr/en

Hashtag: #EuroEco17

Facebook: European Ecotourism Conference

Wiki: http://planeta.wikispaces.com/europeanecotourism



Planeta.com host Ron Mader will offer free online video workshops via Periscope and FacebookLive.


  • To the organizers and participants – Will the conference have live and recorded video?
  • Is there a directory of participants? Bonus points for a directory with bios and social web links
  • To the public – What would locals like visitors to know about their corner of Europe? Paint a picture of the kind of tourism you’d like to see.
  • In this #YearOfOpen, are any of the related publications and online resources focusing on European Ecotourism open access? Bonus points for OER.


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