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Mexico’s National Indigenous Language Fair (Feria de las lenguas indígenas nacionales) 2019


Mexico City – As part of the global celebration of August 9, International Day of Indigenous Peoples, the National Institute of Indigenous Languages ​​(INALI), organizes the National Indigenous Languages ​​Fair (Feria de las lenguas indígenas nacionales). 2019 dates: August 9-11. Hashtag: #FLIN19

With the motto “not one language less,” this event aims to make visible the creative potential of speakers of Indigenous languages ​​through multilingual goods, products and services that are generated from of the construction of communication bridges that allow dialogue, exchange and strengthening of community cultural production.

This year the fair will be be held at the National Center of the Arts (CENART) as well as alternate venues, including the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, the National Museum of Art (MUNAL), and the National Cineteca.

This is the third year of Mexico City’s celebration.

Key Links
inali.gob.mxProgram (PDF)

Centro Nacional de las Artes (Centart)

Livestreaming Today


Questions = Preguntas

  • Is there a directory of participants/speakers? = ¿Hay un directorio de participantes / oradores?
  • Are presentations / resources / apps online? = ¿Las presentaciones / recursos / aplicaciones están en línea?
  • Are there livestreaming and recorded videos from the events? = ¿Hay transmisión en vivo y videos grabados de los eventos?
  • What are the Indigenous language accounts to follow and share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social web channels? = ¿Cuáles son las cuentas de idiomas indígenas para seguir y compartir en Facebook, Twitter y otros redes sociales?
  • Are there analog events in other countries? = ¿Hay eventos analógicos en otros países?

Música, arte y poesía, en el cierre de la FLIN2019, una plataforma para impulsar el diálogo y el respeto mutuo entre la modernidad y la ancestralidad indígena – UNESCO
Feria de las Lenguas Indigenas Nacionales arranca en el Cenart – Universal
Inauguran Feria de las Lenguas Indígenas Nacionales 2019 – La Jornada

Embedded Tweets

¿Qué tenemos que hacer para fortalecer la diversidad lingüistica y cultural que es patrimonio de todos los mexicanos? = What do we have to do to strengthen the linguistic and cultural diversity that is the heritage of all Mexicans?





International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People 2019

Indigenous Languages

2019 – International Year of Indigenous Languages

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