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Latin American Festival of Indigenous Language / Internet 2019


Guatemala hosts this week’s Festival Latinoamericano de Lenguas Indígenas en Internet 2019. Hashtag: #FLLii2019

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  • Is there a directory of participants?
  • Are there live and recorded videos from the festival?
  • In the conservation and love of language, how can non-Indigenous people assist Indigenous peoples?
  • What are the trends in digital activism?

The Latin American Festival of Indigenous Languages ​​on the Internet FLLii2019 will be an opportunity to convene digital activists of indigenous languages, partners, organizations, academics, programmers and policy makers from Latin America and beyond, to celebrate the progress that has been made in this area, but even more important to strengthen the ties that make this collaborative work possible and necessary. Through face-to-face networks, we can build trust and explore collaboration in specific projects. Through discussions, presentations, workshops, participants will reflect on the ongoing challenges in terms of the digital divide, linguistic and technical issues, and what this work means for the communities that are working to maintain their language and pass it on to the Next generation

Beyond raising awareness, the Festival will aim to send a strong message that much more needs to be done at all levels and that, through collaboration in common objectives, there will be a domino effect for the coming years.

Within the Festival there will be a meeting of digital activists of indigenous languages ​​Latin America.

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Festival Latinoamericano de Lenguas Indígenas en Internet



2019 – International Year of Indigenous Languages


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