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Guelaguetza 2018

Poster: Guelaguetza 2018

This year the #Guelaguetza is going to get you … online.
Este año la #Guelaguetza va a conseguir que estés en línea.

Hashtag: #Guelaguetza2018

Guelaguetza is performed four times – twice on Monday the 23 and again on Monday 30, 8am-noon Vegas time, 10am-2pm Oaxaca and from 3-7pm Vegas time and 5-9pm Oaxaca. (Hours to be confirmed!)

For those keen on learning about Indigenous cultures and for superfans of textiles, bespoke crafts, masks and dances, join us online as we celebrate with our friends in Oaxaca and with our friends of friends of Oaxaca around the world.

Officials estimate the 2018 event will attract 3,600 foreign visitors and 111,000+ national visitors, contributing 300 MDP to the local economy.

Viewing Parties? – We would also like to know if there any public viewing parties. Cultural centers, restaurants, libraries or anyone else hosting a public showing, please let us know and we will update this guide.

Live features are featured online CORTV:  http://www.cortv.oaxaca.gob.mx/tv-en-vivo
We recommend subscribing to CORTV’s YouTube channel and following the channel on Twitter: @cortv

Thank you @CORTV Oaxaca for livestreaming!

Gracias @CORTV Oaxaca para video en vivo!


Inicia la preventa y venta de boletos para la Guelaguetza

Twitter Moment
Guelaguetza 2018



Preview: 2018 Indigenous Peoples Week August 6-12 #ipw8

Te Matatini


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